Upcoming exhibitions

Exhibition d.1.sept-30th sept.2011 at City Hall in High Taastrup.
Opening September 1 st kl.17
Exhibition d.1.okt.-30.okt.2011 at the library in Præstø.
Exhibition d.1.dec.-31.dec. 2011 at the library in Valby, Copenhagen
Exhibition 1.feb-29.feb 2012 at Birkerød library.
Exhibition d.1.marts-31 March 2012 at the Culture Pilegården in Brønshøj-Husum.
Exhibition d.1.maj-31 May 2012 at the library in Soro.
Exhibition d.1.juni-30 June 2012 in gallery stables in Præstø.
Exhibition d.1.juli-31juli 2012 the library in Slagelse.
Exhibition d.1.nov.-30.nov 2014 at the library in Holbæk.
I will update when the openings occur and you will be warmly welcomed.
Are you interested in receiving mailed invitations to openings please send youraddress to me at info@sibelle.dk