I am a self-taught visual artist inspired by, among other things, dream language, the magic of
fairytales, the sensuality of now and, not least, the intensity of the light of colors. I have painted
since I was 15 years, where I painted a water color painting after an unhappy love affair. I felt
that time stood still and I filled with a sense of wellbeing while my feelings gently touched
something inside of me. I had never felt like this before and it made a deep impression on me.

I remember, a few years later after I had met a couple of Polish visual artists, I had the same
feeling, and I thought we had to be connected somehow; I must be of Polish descend or perhaps
my soul is Polish. A few years after, I bought a single ticket to Poland, and when I stood at the
town square in Krakow, overly tired and full of expectations, I was overwhelmed by my own
feelings. When I visited the art museum I couldn’t stop crying and I thought was going insane.

Luckily, a kind Belgian couple suggested that I go to Kazimierz Dolny, which is a small and old
Jewish art town four hours by train from Krakow. When I arrived, I went to the main town
square, which had a well in the middle, and I sat there and painted all day. A large number
of visual artists live in the town, which is very picturesque with big old houses and a river. On
one side of the river bank, there is always a magic fog over a wilderness of souls and invisible
characters. I stayed there for four months and painted. I got some artist friends and exhibited
paintings in a gallery in town. Later on, I managed to get one Polish artist, Wojcieh Hubicki, to
Denmark for an exhibition. While staying in Kazimierz Dolny, however, I also found out that I
was not Polish after all but rather that the artist inside of me had started her journey, virtually
and in practice; - a life-long journey that will never end.

In 1992, I attended Holbæk Art Folk High School, which stimulated my bubbling desire
for painting. After finishing at Holbæk, I had my first separate exhibition at Gallery Eire in
Classensgade at Østerbro in Copenhagen. Later on, I took over the gallery and together with
a few other people we created a combined art studio and gallery. Alongside my painting, I
have worked on stage design and with acting, music and dancing; I did the stage design for a
children’s play in Mantziussalen in Birkerød, and have participated in a number of performances
by the New Drama School. I have also designed and performed dance choreography to my own
art work together with a musician.