2006-2009 Library at Danasvej, Inspirationa Barcelona, Arteville, Gallery Miller Art at
Pederskramsgade, Stamkunsten in Skt. Pederstræde, Norvartis art association. At Ulriksholms
castle in Kerteminde…Travelling exhibition organized by the Amnesty International Centre in Odense, and the library
in Risskov, Århus. Separate exhibition at Gallery Eire in Classensgade. Separate exhibition
in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland. Kulkafen in Teglgårdsstræde, Copenhagen. Frederiksberg town
fair. Plaza del la Reina, Østerbro. Brasiko, Østerbrogade, Copenhagen. Café Babouskha
in Turesensgade, Copenhagen. Scandinavian Astrology School, Valby, Copenhagen.
Galleriet, Classensgade, Østerbro, Copenhagen. Eda Zelkowitz’s medical consultation
room, Frederiksberg. The art association at the Language Centre, Ishøj. Danasvej Library,
Frederiksberg, Kapelvej community centre, Nørrebro, Copenhagen Municipality.
1996 - 5 paintings printed as postcards by Amnesty International under the series title of ‘the
soul birds death dancing’
Stand-in in ‘Far From Here’ at the Edison stage, Betty Nansens theatre annex stage, Autumn
2001 Stand-in in ‘The Supporters of Society’ at Folketeateret, Autumn 2002.
1996 Project ‘The Grying House’ by Charlotte Calberg, Peter Severin’s Refugee project.
1995 Own project ‘Bird in Movement’ accompanied by transverse flute.
Stage design:
1995 ‘the Petrified Performer’ by Andre Jacobsen, Mantziussalen, Birkerød.
1992-1994 Co-owner of ‘Galleriet’, Østerbro. A combined art studio and gallery.
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