… Right here….where the rays of the sun glow on the lips of the dark, the red light of dawn streams in….Right here…. where the surface takes shape, the mind does a shadow dance in gossamer colors, and transparent silhouettes dance the night light. Right here… where the line breathes in the paper’s wooden scent, the bird caresses the trunk with its beak, and the leaves rustle in the wind. … Right here… where the composition raises its eyebrows above the horizon, the oats sway to the rhythms of the sea, and the snail is on its way…Right here… where the clay smiles, horses’ hooves gallop across the sodden forest floor through crimson halls and wild berries… Right here… where the tracks of the stone trace black waltz steps in vertical curves, the calving cow moos. … Right here… where the water pearls, the color is kissed, closely, down into the mother of silence and breath, the threshold of eternity.

– Sibelle

Sibelle Tvermoes